These silly games are the result of homework assignments for a Perl class that Tyler took.

  • HANGMAN - pretty self-explanatory. It just uses words from the dictionary in this version. If someone wants to provide me with a list of phrases or a theme-based list of words, feel free to email them to me.
  • HANAFUDA - a Japanese card-matching game (also very popular in Hawaii.)

Scientific Software

GeneID v1.3 is gene prediction software that allows the incorporation of U12-dependent introns (often with non-canonical splice sites) in the predicted gene models. A preliminary set of predictions on the ENCODE regions of the human genome is available for browsing on the UCSC genome browser in the EGASP-full track.

Wormtimer is software Tyler wrote to track the movement of nemotode worms. Available for download for any JAVA-enabled platform.

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