Gina is a freelance project manager and language specialist. She welcomes opportunities to be a part of exciting new ventures in the hi-tech industry, especially when they entail cross-cultural communication and team-building.

Tyler is a molecular biologist/bioinformatician. He is currently doing a postdoc with Roderic Guigó in Barcelona, studying non-canonical splicing and working on gene prediction algorithms.

Before moving to Barcelona, Tyler finished his Ph.D at UC Berkeley. His dissertation describes the discovery of the complete repertoire of odorant receptors encoded by the zebrafish genome. This work has contributed to our understanding of how odorant receptors expressed in the fish nose help fish detect and discriminate among different odors. Tyler would include more of the details of zebrafish and olfaction in this little blurb, but he's aware that you likely have a short attention span. For a better taste, or more appropriately, a whiff of what his research is all about, you can visit the Ngai Lab web site. You can also read the Nobel Prize press release describing the initial discovery of odorant receptors by Linda Buck and Richard Axel.


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