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Els Reis d'Orient

The Three Kings (Gaspar, Baltasar and Melcior) arrived at the Port Vell of Barcelona on the Santa Eulàlia (a la Nina, Pinta and the Santa María) and Marina, Tyler and I were there to greet them. After receiving the key to the city from Barcelona Mayor Jordi Hereu, the Kings made their way through a crowd of fans (kids and adults alike) to collect letters and to spread joy and PEACE. Marina handed in her letter to Gaspar which asked for a visit from her "yayos" or grandparents this year. She got a little help from mom on the text. Mom and dad enjoyed chocolate con churros at Valor while Marina dined on bananas with yogurt and cardamom before heading off to the most magical celebration in Barcelona of the year - LA CAVALCADA. Half a million citizens of Barcelona showed up to see the parade welcoming the Kings to town. Marina's eyes nearly popped out of her tiny head.

It's difficult not to gush over the event. The entire city gets into the act with a parade of beautiful floats, kids on stilts and camels - yes, REAL camels. And these Kings have the key to the city. They can get into ANY house, ANY apartment to bring toys (usually just one) to every girl and boy. To see more, take a look of this official blog of the city of Barcelona: Kings arrive at Port Vell, Barcelona