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Picking out a Christmas tree

It's that time of year again. Time to get a Christmas tree. We thought long and hard about how to have a tree which would be mutually compatible with Marina. Do we get a really small one? Do we put it on a table? Do we fence it off? Anyway, we ended up going where we usually go, the Fira de Santa LlĂșcia in front of the cathedral, and we bought the second tree we saw. I think it was from the same guy as last year. This time we had the jogging stroller with us since we were stopping by on the way home from running at the sea. The tree fit in the basket of the stroller so we were able to wheel it (and Marina) home. I put it up on the end table, put lights on it and wrapped the table and base of the tree with a red comforter cover. So far, so good: Marina hasn't even touched it, yet. Knock on wood!