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June 29, 2008

Sophie the giraffe

Thank you Alder and Ruth for introducing Marina to Sophie. You should see how she just loves to gnaw on her and wave her around. I guess Sophie's withstood the abuse of many a baby over the decades since she was introduced in France, and we gather from our recent trip to Provence that she's still famously popular there.

June 23, 2008

Provençal roadtrip

Despite the heat and mosquitoes and the seamingly endless driving, we managed to enjoy the south of France, with night after night of sumptuous meals outweighing the difficulties of traveling with a 3-month-old baby.

June 14, 2008


Robert and Pau

Getting a chocolate fix at "La Nena" with Robert, Sophie and Pau (just a month younger than Marina).

June 12, 2008

Olga's stay with us

Gina, Olga and Marina

At the end of June, dear friend Olga from Bogotá came to visit and everybody discovered the magic of the musical caterpillar.

June 08, 2008

Festa del bici i els patins

Tyler and Marina inline skating

Once a year the city of Barcelona opens up a route to bicycles and skates, closed to traffic, that snakes through the streets of Barcelona. It's not at all a race -- it's really a leisurely family-oriented event. Gina, Tyler, Marina, Maaike, Fati and Rafa seized this opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful day.

June 01, 2008

Tia Marisa pays a visit

Marisa and Marina

Favorite aunt (only aunt) Tía Marisa came to share the love with her new niece in early June. She and Gina spent 10 days walking and eating and playing in Barcelona. There was some drinking too, but not as much as a breastfeeding mom might have liked. Marisa took over the late afternoon fussy shift; she particularly enjoyed Marina’s morning stretch IN PERSON.