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Belgian Fries

belgian beer
Brussels cuisine is definitely on par with that of France as long as you find the right restaurant… not to mention, the waffles, the chocolate and the beer. I spent most of my 3-day business trip to Brussels in meetings, but I did manage to sneak out every evening to sit in one of the ubiquitous beer gardens on the Grand Place and enjoy a beer. I also went to see the peeing statue (Manneken Pis), but I think I enjoyed the hot-off-the-press waffle that I bought next door much more than the statue. Both nights, I went a wonderful restaurant called Belga Queen. The first night, I ordered an amazing salad with local goat cheese and a beer reduction. The second night, I ordered a side of frites, but I can't say that I’d chose the Belgian fries over French Fries smothered in harissa sauce from L’As du Falafel in Paris. However, the Neuhaus chocolates that I picked up for Tyler and I to celebrate our anniversary definitely were some of the best milk chocolates that either or us has ever tasted.