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July 10, 2006

The World Belongs to Italy

Viva Italia! After the Italians' narrow World Cup victory over France, I suspect the mood at work today will be slightly depressed. My condolences to Julien, Sylvain, Arnaud, France and Fabio -they were so jubilant after the quarterfinal victory (see this video. )

Anyway, it was a blast to watch the game at the Cafe Bar Acoma with Alessandro, Maaike, Mattia, Juan Antonio, etc. from Gina's lab at UPF. Alessandro was very tense - very emotionally invested. I thought he just might explode... He said if someone had told him at the beginning of the tournament that Italy would win the World Cup, he wouldn't have believed it. But now it's clear - they were the best team - no doubt about it!