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March 29, 2010


THANKS current Mixed Co members for sending their latest CD to us ALL THE WAY in Barcelona. As you can see, Marina enjoyed it and let’s just say she’s getting in some practice time before her class of 2029(?) audition. I’m guessing she’s a top soprano.

March 28, 2010


No one would believe us, but we’ve captured it on video. It’s Marina’s version of One-Two-Three only it’s Two-Three-Two (in Spanish).

March 27, 2010

Marina turns DOS!

All she wanted to do was eat the cupcake, but instead MAMMA and PAPPA made her sit through 4 versions of Happy Birthday (English, Spanish, German and Serbian). In the end, Princess Marina had lots of fun and more than a healthy dose of refined sugar (carrot / orange, vanilla lemon and chocolate orange cupcakes) at her If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Party. And everybody knows what happens if you give a cat a cupcake… he might want some sprinkles to go with it.

March 08, 2010

Snow in Barcelona

Just when we were all ready for winter to be over, a freak snowstorm hits Barcelona. Gina made the first snowflake sighting from her office window (she works near Tibidabo at a slightly higher elevation). Flavia later confirmed the flakes in Eixample and the deal was sealed with a skype from Tyler “It’s snowing on the beach”. Thank goodness the storm hit the day AFTER the BCN Marathon.

Editor’s note: We attribute the storm to Edgar’s joining the FB Group “Mes neu a Barcelona”

March 07, 2010

Three yupi! Barcelona Marathon #3

Our time: 4:09:04
First half: 02:00:55
Second half: 02:08:10
Rhythm: 00:05:55
Speed: 9.79 Km/H
Tyler placed 3086 in his category (7527 over all)
Gina placed 266 in her category (7526 over all)