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August 23, 2009

La vie en rose

Paris in August. I know what you’re thinking: the heat, the tourists, the shops all closed for their annual summer holiday. In our humble opinion, you are WRONG WRONG WRONG. The city of lights and poor service loses the latter in summer when everyone’s in a good mood with the longer days, fewer Parisiens and warmer weather. Paris is full of parks and carousels and terraces for a much need verre du vin and assiette du fromage. Not to mention the ice cream, the chocolate, the wide open spaces and PARIS PLAGE where the whole of Paris pretends that they live on the Riviera and it actually works. My friends who have lived in Paris swear that it is simply not as warm and inviting as it may seem to the occasional tourist, but I’d live in Paris in August anytime.

Walking up the Tower

Weighing in at nearly 12 kilos, Marina will likely not being going up the stairs of the Tour Eiffel again next summer in a backpack, but you’ll have to ask her dad to get the definitive answer.

August 11, 2009

Despedida Eri

After an extended stay with Flavia and Pablo over the summer, Flavia's oldest sister Eri (the tannest of them) said goodbye.

August 05, 2009

La Platge d’Eixample

It’s called Eixample Beach and it is our newfound friend for those calorós caps de setmana that just won’t tolerate 30-minute train ride and the packed in beach crowds. We discovered it a little late, but we’ll be the first to arrive next June when it opens as Marina should be unstoppable in the water by then.